Local Beer and Wine at Hudson’s This Month

Local Beer and Wine at Hudson’s This Month

In case you’ve missed it, we’re all about all things local here at Hudson’s. Local ingredients, local flavors, and local beer, wine, and spirits. This month, we’re featuring two products that pay homage to the history of the Pacific Northwest.

Getting to know the wine and beer

You’ve probably heard us talk about Flume Vineyard before. We love them, it’s true. Their first bottles of wine appeared in 2015 and created quite the stir. At an early tasting, a sommelier happened by and described one of their wines as being able to fool him. Had he not seen the label, he would have thought it was from Italy. Their white wines never prove too sweet, and their reds blossom into wonderfully-fruit-forward compositions sure to take your breath away. The creators of Flume chose their name from the Broughton Flume that once ran across Underwood Mountain, carrying logs to be turned into lumber and sent out for construction projects all over the world. The Flume is a well-known icon to locals. In August 1967, a world-famous actor visited and took a ride along the Broughton Log Flume for their television program.

Loowit Brewing takes their name from another, even better-known Pacific Northwest icon, the original name of Mount Saint Helens. Devon Bray and Thomas Poffenroth founded Loowit in 2010. They were one of the many businesses whose presence have helped to revitalize the downtown area. Their award-winning lagers and ales feature balanced flavors that anyone can enjoy.

All this month, we’re featuring their Two-Sixteen Red Ale, winner of the Washington Beer Awards’ 2014 gold medal for Irish-style red ales, and the Best of Craft Beer Awards’ 2016 silver medal in the same category. Its 23 IBU makes it approachable, giving you the pleasant, hoppy aroma while still smooth.

Events all year long

This month, we’re featuring both of these great companies in our line-up, with an evening for each. In fact, we’ve jam-packed our schedule with fantastic events that you’ll want to know about throughout 2018. You don’t want to miss any of the events coming up this year at Hudson’s. Stay tuned here to find out what’s coming up and when, like our Dine4Charity nights, when we give 10% of all our profits for the evening to a charity that’s doing great work in the Northwest, like Donate Life this month and next.

Visit us February 23 for the Flume Vineyard Wine Dinner, where we’ll have two different offerings to be paired with Flume wines. Then, come back on the 27th for an evening with Loowit pints at the unbeatable price of just $3.50 all evening.