Dine For Charity

Dine For Charity

Giving back

We were so successful with the Earthquake Relief Dinner in November that we decided to make it happen again throughout 2018 for more organizations. With a special ticketed event, we raised over $3,000. This money went to help people rendered homeless by the Mexico City earthquake. Now, we’re expanding on that mission, and we’d like to bring you along for the ride!

A personal connection
Tony Vansaghi in hospital for kidney transplant

We began just a few days ago on January 28, with an evening for Donate Life Northwest, an organization near and dear to Food and Beverage Director Ron Vansaghi and his family. We gave 10% of all restaurant profits to Donate for Life.

Ron’s son, Tony, received a diagnosis of Alport Syndrome at the age of 8. Tony spent years experiencing such complications as hearing loss and vision problems. At the age of 19, he had to go on dialysis. Four years ago, Ron’s wife donated a kidney to Tony.

Today, Tony attends Western Washington University. He will be graduating in 2018. As Ron says, he’s doing great!

Ron and Hudson’s were able to raise a substantial amount of money to Donate Life NW.

We’ve started a tradition

The next dinner will take place on February 18. You don’t want to miss it – put it on your calendar now!

Every month, we’ll be selecting a different charity, and give their fund 10% of dinner profits for the night.

In addition to these evenings, we’ll also be running special ticketed events every quarter, working with the Heathman Helping Hands and our food and drink providers to give even more!

Along with the Heathman Lodge, we’ve enjoyed giving back. We’re excited to enter a new era of giving back to the community, both locally in Vancouver and around the world. Join us, and let’s embark on this journey of our heightened giving back. Your taste buds and the community will thank you!