Mexico Earthquake Relief Dinner

Mexico Earthquake Relief Dinner

An earthquake strikes

September 19, 2017. On the 32-year anniversary of a magnitude 8.0 earthquake that had struck central Mexico in 1985, the ground once again rumbled as a 7.1 earthquake ripped through the same area. Afterward, 223 people were dead, and thousands more destitute.

Schools, churches, places of work, and homes toppled, maiming and killing those inside. In some communities, no one had a place to rest their head that night.

Thousands of miles away, a chef responds

In Vancouver, Washington, Ray Delgado, Executive Chef of Hudson’s at the Heathman Lodge, heard about the devastation and wanted to do something. 

He and the marketing teams at the Heathman Lodge and COHO Services worked together to create an event where he could use his talent and skills to help people suffering thousands of miles away.

Chef Delgado’s dream inspires others

The Hudson’s servers and kitchen staff volunteered their time that night. Some of the food suppliers donated the ingredients and wine for a lavish five-course meal. 

As a result, Chef Delgado and the team were able to raise over $3,000. All of that money is going to help the families who lost everything in the earthquake.

The road ahead in Mexico

For the people of central Mexico, it’s a long road ahead. They need more help to rebuild their drinking water and sewage pipes, their roads, their schools and churches,  and permanent homes.

Thank you

Here at Hudson’s, we’re honored to be a part of the recovery effort. We’d like to send very special thank you to our staff, suppliers, and our guests who helped make the dinner a success.