Sustainable Dining in Vancouver, WA

2010 Business Generator Recycler of the Year
Washington State Recycling Association

Top 100 Best Green Companies to Work For
Oregon Business Magazine

  • Use of local, sustainable and organic products in all Food & Beverage
  • Reduce Food waste by 200,000 pounds by composting all unused food product
  • Use of recyclable “To Go” containers and bio straws
  • Implemented a glass recycling program with our local Waste Management company
  • Reducing our landfill waste by 50,000 pounds a year!
  • Use of Energy efficient lighting throughout the restaurant
  • Eliminated 162,000 pounds of mixed paper waste by adding recycling stations throughout the restaurant
  • Use of Green laundry products
  • Saved 240,000 gallons of water by implementing a new water reduction program

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